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Welcome to my little space here on Brusheezy.

I am a part time Interior and Freelance Graphic Designer and also love creating scrapbooking kits, brushes and textures.

I really hope you enjoy the brushes and any other items I upload. Comments are always appreciated and lets me know if you are enjoying my items.

So don't forget to leave a comment and let me know. ..:)

Stay cool..:)

[email protected]

  • Christmas-tree-brushes2
    Cepillos de árboles de Navidad
  • Decorative-frame-brushes
    Cepillos De Marco Decorativos
  • Space-brushes
    Cepillos Espaciales
  • Cloud-brushes
    Cepillos de nubes
  • Decorative-frame-brushes
    Cepillos De Marco Decorativos
  • Christmas-text-brushes
    Cepillos de texto de Navidad
  • Christmas-stamp-brushes
    Cepillos de estampado de Navidad
  • Halloween-glowing-text-brushes
    Cepillos de texto brillantes de Halloween
  • Artistic-brushes
    Pinceles Artísticos
  • Grass_bruhes_preview_small
    Cepillos de hierba 2
  • Water_color_texture_preview_small
    Texturas de acuarela
  • Bokeh_brush_preview_small
    Cepillos Bokeh
  • Sport_brush_small_preview
    Pinceles Deportivos
  • Zodiac_brush_small_preview
    Pinceles de Zodiaco
  • Frame_brushes_0091_small_preview
    Elegante cepillos marco
  • Valentines_brush_preview_large
    Pinceles del Día de San Valentín
  • Brick_patterns_small
    Patrones de pared de ladrillo
  • Glow_brushes_small
    Cepillos Brillantes
  • Xmas_ornament_preview_small
    Pinceles de Navidad
  • Decorative_087_small
    Cepillos decorativos 087
  • Snowflake_brush_preview_small
    Pinceles de nieve
  • Brushes_9334_preview_small
    Muestra de cepillo de Navidad
  • Skyline_brush_preview_small
    Cepillos de horizonte
  • Comic_small_preview
    Cepillos Comic Action
  • Decorative_frames_preview_small
    Marcos Decorativos
  • Decorative_borders_preview_small
    Bordes decorativos
  • Elegant_border_brush_small_preview
    Pinceles fronterizos elegantes
  • Halloween_borders_small_preview
    Cepillos de la frontera de Halloween
  • Halloween_preview_small
    Cepillos de Halloween
  • Vintage_bird_brush_2_preview_small
    Cepillos del pájaro del vintage 2
  • 2011_calendar_brush_preview_small
    Cepillos Calendario 2011
  • Vintage_butterfly_preview_small
    Cepillos de la mariposa del vintage
  • Animal_brush_preview_small
    Cepillos para animales
  • Assorted_vintage_brushes_2_preview_small
    Surtido de cepillos Vintage 2
  • Antique_brush_preview_small
    Surtido de pinceles vintage
  • Vintage_birds_brush_preview_small
    Cepillos de pájaros vintage
  • Assorted_shape_brush_preview_small
    Cepillos de forma variada
  • Butterfly_preview_small
    Cepillos de mariposa
  • Glow_butterfly_preview_small
    Brillantes cepillos de mariposa
  • Horse_preview_small
    Cepillos para Caballos
  • Tree_brush_preview_small
    Cepillos para árboles
  • Decorative_patterns_preview_small
    Patrones decorativos
  • Swirl_brushes_2_preview_small
    Cepillos decorativos
  • Flower_preview_small
    Vector flor cepillos
  • Grass_brush_preview_small
    Cepillos de hierba
  • Frames_10_preview_small
    Elegantes cepillos
  • Decorative_09_preview_small
    Cepillos decorativos libres
  • Frame_brushes_401_preview_small
    Cepillos De Marco Decorativos
  • Decor_5_preview
    Elegantes marcos decorativos
  • Decor_6_preview
    Cepillos De Marco Decorativos
  • Decorative_patterns_preview_small
    Patrones decorativos
  • Frame_brushes_3_preview
    Cepillos De Marco Decorativos
  • Swirl_frames_preview
    Cepillos decorativos del capítulo del remolino
  • Purplefeverfs
    Purple Fever: Paquete de fuentes 3d
  • S_copy
    Relámpagos 1
  • Elegant_text
    Texto elegante PSD
  • Be-1
    Rons Cepillos de muestreo