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Wendy Bromilow

I am a self taught photoshop user, not brilliant but getting better each day. I design A4 sheets with items such as card fronts and or decoupage designs which I then sell on a vendor website. Cardmakers then buy the sheets download and make their own greeting cards. I do this as a hobby, keeps me sane.
I am a Born Again Christian and I play guitar as a member of the Worship team at church.
I am very happily married with two grown up daughters and a beautiful grand daughter whom I love dearly.

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  • Blue-vintage-floral-background-psd
    Fondo floral azul del vintage PSD
  • Grunge-textures-set
    Grunge conjunto de texturas
  • Paisley-pattern-bote-jeghe-num3
    Modelo blanco y negro de Paisley - bote jeghe (num3)
  • Old-paper
    Viejo paquete de cepillo de papel
  • Feather-brushes
    Cepillos de plumas
  • Fruitilicious
    Fruitilicious paquete de patrones de frutas
  • Arty_shrews_tinsle
    Arty Shrew's Pinceles de cepillo
  • Vintage_birds_brush_preview_small
    Cepillos de pájaros vintage
  • Butterfly_preview_small
    Cepillos de mariposa
  • Glow_butterfly_preview_small
    Brillantes cepillos de mariposa
  • Horse_preview_small
    Cepillos para Caballos
  • Tree_brush_preview_small
    Cepillos para árboles
  • Decorative_patterns_preview_small
    Patrones decorativos
  • Swirl_brushes_2_preview_small
    Cepillos decorativos
  • Grass_brush_preview_small
    Cepillos de hierba
  • Frames_10_preview_small
    Elegantes cepillos
  • Decorative_09_preview_small
    Cepillos decorativos libres
  • Frame_brushes_401_preview_small
    Cepillos De Marco Decorativos
  • Decor_5_preview
    Elegantes marcos decorativos
  • Decor_6_preview
    Cepillos De Marco Decorativos
  • Decorative_patterns_preview_small
    Patrones decorativos
  • Frame_brushes_3_preview
    Cepillos De Marco Decorativos
  • Antiques_brush
    Cepillos de antigüedades