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Nadine Macaluso

Nadine Macaluso, Ph.D. is a licensed Psychologist with offices in Los Angeles and New York. Dr. Macaluso is currently conducting Teletherapy appointments.

Dr. Nadine Macaluso is a licensed marriage and family therapist and has a Ph.D. in counseling and somatic psychotherapy, specifically honoring the mind-body connection. Years before opening her marriage and family therapy practice in California, Dr. Nae—as her patients call her—lived a life found only in the pages of a Hollywood script. Dr. Nadine Macaluso (formerly, Nadine Caridi) is the real-life woman behind the fictional Naomi Belfort, the Duchess of Bay Ridge, ex-wife of the infamous "Wolf of Wall Street," Jordan Belfort. Their eight-year tempestuous marriage was filled with abuse, greed, drugs, and trauma. Rather than be defined by those chaotic years, she not only survived the Wolf but persevered and thrived.

Services and Specialties
• Psychologist
• Individual Therapy
• Couples Therapy
• Pre-Marital Counseling
• Mood Disorders - Anxiety, Depression and more
• Complex PTSD/Developmental Trauma
• Personality Disorders
• Attachment Disorders
• Trauma Bonds
• Shame
• Dark Tetrad

Passion for Helping Others
Dr. Nae is immensely passionate about helping individuals heal. She works with people struggling to map their own journey and overcome their self-doubt. She is sensitive yet straightforward and asks the unasked questions to get patients to go deep within themselves to self-reflect, discover their truth, and own their story. An intuitive and tough Brooklyn girl at heart, she uses humor to encourage her patients to find calm amidst chaos and serenity amidst struggle and hope amidst hopelessness. Dr. Nae knows that following shock or relational trauma, people can experience post-traumatic growth and reach their unique potential in life and love. She is humbled daily by her work of being in service to others, and it is her personal mission to break the stigma of mental health issues. https://www.nadinemacaluso.com/nyc

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