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Design Bundles on a Budget

Zero Bundle Many designers enjoy the independence of designing full time as their private business. Other designers may be up-and-coming on that road to success as they dive into their college studies. What do you these two stages of the design life cycle have in common? They both need quality design resources on a budget. Zero Bundle is a new site that provides free resource bundles for designers. Each bundle is available as a free download for 30 days at a time and offers a wide variety of design resources in each. Their latest bundle, Zero Bundle 3, includes fonts, cards, icons, textures, bootstrap templates and other great design resources. Here are just a few of the items from this new item: 5 Business Card Templates Zerobundle_businesscard 20 Photoshop Actions Zerobundle_actions Long Shadow Icons Flaticons Bootsraptor Templates Bootstrap 50 Flourishes Flourishes 12 Office Icons Officeicons Plus a lot of other great freebies! So grab this bundle while it’s still around. Check Out Zero Bundle 3 Now