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iDraw for iPad Review

We've had the opportunity to play and test out the new iDraw app for iPad and we thought it would be a good idea to share our thoughts and experiences here on our blog. If you're not already familiar, iDraw is a powerful, mainly vector-based layout and design application for the iPad. (We thought this might be a more appropriate post for the Vecteezy blog, but that's not quite ready yet, sorry!) The app has a clean interface and a host of features that allow you to create and then modify shapes, drawings, type, and image elements. While the app does have a clean user interface, there are some controls and properties that seem to be located in some not-so-logical places. However, with the amount of controls and properties for each object, screen real estate is limited on the iPad and the developer (Indeeo) obviously tried hard to make everything fit in a somewhat reasonable location. In terms of what this app can do, it allows you to create lines, shapes, vector paths, and text. The user has full control over the fill color, stroke color, line widths, shadows, and even the insertion of photos into vector shapes from your iPad photo library. The app also offers some design and layout shortcuts including the ability to align objects horizontally, vertically, and justify them left, right, center, top and bottom. There are two aspects of this app that took us by complete surprise, because they are so elementary to the iPad and multi-touch screens. First, the app does not allow for two-finger pinch zoom. In fact, there is no zoom at all. Second, the app does not support landscape mode; only portrait. This is just silly! While you can, of course, rotate the iPad and create your image in landscape, the user controls and interface do not rotate. These are clearly two elements that iPad users will expect to find and use inside of apps. What we do like is that this is a perfect app for a quick layout of a document, flow chart, graphic, or any other vector-based image. The response is quick and the controls for each element are intuitive and allow the user to quickly modify the vector elements on screen. Another aspect we like is the load/open document setup-- basically swiping through full-page previews of each document with the ability to quickly rename and share them, without having to actually open them. In summary, if you are an InDesign or Illustrator fan who's looking for something similar on the iPad, this app comes very close. With similar features found inside both apps, iDraw brings the best of vector-based imaging, type, and even photo-insertion to the iPad with a great looking interface and excellent usability. Pros: - Ability to control stroke, fill colors and add photos - Powerful align controls and drop-shadows - Easy organizing of images via the load screen - Save & Export to PDF to edit anywhere Cons: - No image zoom/pan - Landscape mode not supported - Some controls/properties not in expected places Indeeo is also selling iDraw for $8.99 via iTunes. Personally I feel it's not something that will replace Photoshop or Illustrator but it's a fun app to have for another way to express your creativity on the iPad. Thinking about buying it? Already have it? Let us know what you think about it in the comments below.